A downloadable asset pack for Windows

Windows build

1. Extract the contents of the zip
2. Open the directory and click on the executable


WASD - Move camera on the x-z plane
QE - Controls the roll of the camera
Mouse - Controls the pitch and yaw of the camera
Spacebar - Reset and regenerate the terrain using the slider settings
Esc - Quit the demo


-Noise determines roughness of the terrain

-The levels determines the boundaries of the coloring of the terrain

-The water level specifically controls the water level with respect to the highest point in the terrain such that a water level of 1 will submerge the entire terrain while a water level of 0 will result in a terrain with no water.

-Note: Slider settings only takes into effect after pressing space to regenerate the terrain


Terrain-Generation-Build-v1.1.zip 14 MB